Our Team




Legal Eagle. Art connoisseur. Amazing negotiator.




Fan of the Samurai. Eats his vegetables. Gun nut.





Finance wizard. Art connoisseur. Judoka.




Globe trotter. Chess wizard. Amazing chef.




HR Advisory

Loves Erin Brockovich. Unbeatable at Battleship.



PR Advisory

Loves his Enfield. Good negotiator. Diehard foodie.


Choose Your Side

We do it completely

If you have no idea on the technical or marketing know-how, just have us handle it from start to finish. No need to get your hands dirty.

The Good Guys

We understand that you should focus on what you do best, and we take care of the rest.

Join the Empire!

We Team Up

If you have an on-going technical development or a marketing campaign in place, we can add to it with with our specialties.

Team Power Up!

When you would like to be involved with the on-going work and have us complement your team!

Join the Alliance!

Our Core Values

We get it Right: FTET

First Time, Every Time. We get it right, and we do not stop until our client sees that they are where they envision to be. Accuracy in delivery comes from first understanding and caring about our client’s needs and expectations. We at Onbac sincerely in believe that.

We Pursue Excellence

Steve Jobs once said
“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

We echo the same sentiment of quality and our pursuit of excellence. Good enough could be made better, gradually.

Evolve or Perish

Our ongoing endeavor is to remain flexible and relevant at all times. Our customers may have timeless products, but the ways in which they sell evolves over time. We keep our skill sets updated, keep our finger on the pulse of the target audience and keep our cup empty enough.

We Value Creativity

Our teams at Onbac consistently churn out creative written content, sketches and brand logo designs. We believe that a thorough understanding of the client’s positioning, intended audience along with a creative bent of mind, we have achieved measurable results each time.

Hear our Our Client’s Speak

Rohan and his team at Onbac are one of the most proactive, prompt, resourceful people I have met. Their turnaround time in solving problems or fixing glitches are real-time 24 hours. There is something to speak about passion, dedication, keenness. It leads to all things good, effective and robust. Rohan has also never lost his cool, humor, patience, and politeness under stressful situations. It’s good working with him.
I love Onbac! The designs they gave were amazing and unparalleled. Value for money! They are fast in their response and very good at identifying and fixing problems in the future. I recommend them!
We had a professional and helpful response from the Onbac team. They have done our website and brand identity very well. Would recommend.
Rohan and his team have always been accurate in their assessment and quick on their feet to get solutions. It was a pleasure working with them. We had taken their marketing campaign as well, now we are Google rank One!
The Onbac team has been very co-operative and capable in our website development and email services they did. They also did our stationery and gift branding, we are satisfied with that.
The Onbac team worked well within the short time we had for making our website and Online Presence. Also they had good quality checks for the deployment which they asked us to check for as well.

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