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6 Reasons Why My Product Should Be Online

…56 percent said they do not trust a business without a website.
Today, computer and telecom technology has made it such that nearly every urban or suburban household has wifi, every office and college do most of their research online, losing a mobile data connection on-the-move is met with dejection and penetration of wearable technology is seeing an upswing.

People often turn to the Internet first for information about businesses and products – whether they are shopping online, or simply looking for a business’ address or phone number – making an online presence one of the most important assets for any business; not just to share information, but to build credibility.

According to a recent survey of millions of consumers by Weebly, 56 percent said they do not trust a business without a website.

When the whole world is online, your product cant just be levelling up, it has to actively leverage the tools of technology to make that cutting edge shine!

Consumers are looking to connect with companies more than ever, and establishing an online presence through a website, blog or social channels provides a great way to fulfill this desire. Maintaining ongoing communication and providing updates on company initiatives and promotions through digital channels helps companies reach a broader audience to create and strengthen relationships and build trust, which is critical for creating the all-important customer loyalty.

What do you stand to gain?

  1. Always switched on: Capable and trusted online presence works towards better customer attraction, and not to mention, an e-store that functions 24×7, doesn’t take a break! The human involvement behind fulfillment of a purchase online is much lesser compared to what it takes in a physical store-front, so you would be saving extra work hours right there.
  2. Leaving out the mundane: Automation and simplification of tasks like reporting on sales, addition of new products and services, and other tasks which require repetition and are effort intensive. Also, aren’t reports generated and exported by your e-store much faster than the days your accountant would take to tally them?
  3. It gives you wings (in a way): Reach out to a larger geographical consumer base, even without needing a physical brick-and-mortar store front. Even if a particular online customer doesn’t speak your language, online marketplaces are customizable to suit different languages and ethnic backgrounds.
  4. I’ve seen your recommendations! : Help your consumers make an informed decision by providing them with reviews and recommendations on the place of the e-purchase. This feedback is captured automatically after a sale is made, and can be shown to specific customer bases depending upon opportunity and business logic.
  5. More time for relaxation: Save time you spend making a sale or conversion, considering that the process from inviting a customer to your online presence till the conversion of a sale/quotation, it is taken care of entirely by a pre-decided flow.
  6. Know what your competition is up to: Considering that being online is the way ahead, more and more businesses are choosing to make their presence felt. Be it dentists, e-commerce stores, accountants or contractors, all of them have some story to tell. Being online will help you see what your competition is saying as well.


In conclusion, we see the advantages of your brand being online are outweigh the effort involved, and is one of the most cost-effective methods of being recognized as a competitive player. Ask us how can we help you with your offering to your customer, serve to larger audience and stay relevant.