UI / UX Design

“Everyone strives for a great experience and once they find it, they strive to return to experience it.” – Onbac

We help you build amazing experience journeys for your customers using our UI / UX expertise.

Design is at the core of any representation of a brand online or offline. A good User Interface can spell the difference between success and failure of a portal, product or a simple introduction. We have specially trained team-mates who take care of the UI / UX design requirements, keeping our offering at the very cutting edge.

A well designed User Interface ensures that your user / customer does not get unnecessarily distracted, annoyed or lost in the labyrinth of non-essential clutter. There is a clear and easy to follow path to the intended end goal, be it purchasing a product on your e-store, or filing paperwork on your custom-made data management system.

At Onbac, all our design work starts with a critical thought meeting of all team members involved and we make sure that functionality is not compromised, aesthetics are maintained and the content is available on any device the user chooses. Ask us on how can we improve your customer’s UI/UX experience, resulting in increased user retention and potentially higher revenue.

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    Requirement Assessment

    Our team thoroughly understands with the client what is the intended use and expected outcome of the platform we are starting to design.

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    Cross Platform

    We make sure that our design not only surpasses feasibility on all device platforms, but also clears the language barrier.

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    Constant Learning

    We have a Kaizen approach to work, where even small improvements made over time are accounted and taught to new team members. A rolling stone gathers no moss, remember?